Chimney Care

The Importance of Regular Chimney Care

Cleaning and maintaining your chimney helps to avoid dangerous conditions such as having a chimney fire or Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Chimney fires can and will burn down the house. Chimneys with failing flue systems or faulty smoke chambers can also allow dangerous gasses to seep into the living spaces of the home and result in Carbon Monoxide poisoning and death so it is very important to properly service and maintain your chimney.

This is where Chimney Care of Lake Charles comes in… Our chimney sweep technicians have been working with local chimneys for many years and really know their way around any of the anomalies associated with your chimney.

Additional Care

We also install chimney caps for wind protection and to eliminate back drafts so that your chimney draws correctly. If your chimney leaks, we can repair and waterproof your crown, cap or masonry.

We provide major and minor repairs of most systems as well as NEW CHIMNEY CONSTRUCTION.

Chimney Care of Lake Charles

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